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We are a Local Family Owned and Operated ice cream shop producing Handmade Ice Cream made In-House located at Broadway Avenue and Newmark Street in North Bend, Oregon.

Small-batch, chef-driven ice cream made from scratch with local ingredients. We are always adding new and fresh flavors to our current selection of 153+ flavors.

This is THE place in town where you can determine the exact flavor combination that is best suited for you!

Although we say 58 flavors, which was our original count back in 2016, we have many more. Ask for samples of more than 153+ ice cream and sorbet flavors we have available, then consider the possibilities:

Mix and match scoops, milkshakes, malts, sundaes, banana splits, handcrafted sodas for a one of a kind float, handmade hand-dipped ice cream, fresh Belgian bubble waffles, waffle cones and bowls.

There are so many to choose from, that you’ll have to come back for more!

Flavor Options

Combine flavors to make your own creation or take the suggestion of one of our staff members. We have hundreds of combinations which will make your experience enjoyable.


We at Scoops Handmade Ice Cream are a family owned and operated shop located in North Bend, OR providing our own Ice Cream flavors made on-site..

We feel we can accommodate even the most discerning palate with over 153+ recipes of Old Fashioned Hand Batched Ice Cream.

We strive to provide excellent customer service as well as a nostalgic atmosphere that will take you back to the old-school mom and pop Ice Cream shop where kids used to spend most of their days hanging out to socialize while enjoying frothy root beer floats, milkshakes, malts, and great hand batched ice cream piled 9 scoops high on a freshly made waffle cone still warm to the touch.

Robert & Christine Sabin

3395 Broadway Avenue
North Bend, OR 97459

(541) 808-2990